1909 Silk

Silk was adopted by @smallblueearth!


What is an 'adoptable'? Adoptables are character designs which you can buy, aka adopt. When you adopt a character from me, it becomes yours to do more or less whatever you want with, as long as you follow my terms of service.


When you adopt a character from me, what you get is a visual design, an artwork. You're free to decide the character's gender, personality, backstory etc, and turn it into an actual character — an OC.

Terms of Service​​

  • You may NOT claim to be the original creator of the design or the artwork.

  • You may NOT use the character for commercial use, or to promote hate speech.

  • You MAY decide the character's name, gender, personality, backstory etc, and you can also change their body type, clothing style and so on.

  • You MAY edit the design, add your own attributes, and change or remove parts of the design, as long as it is still recognizable. But, please, make the changes on a separate drawing of your own — do not edit my original artwork.

  • You MAY roleplay the character, cosplay it, draw it, commission art of it, etc.

  • You MAY repost the original artwork which you receive upon adoption, as long as you give visible credit to me.

  • You MAY re-sell, trade or give the character away — as long as you 1) credit me as the original creator, 2) refer the new owner to this page to view the terms, and 3) don't sell the character for more than what you paid for it originally. Ideally I'd like to be informed if one of my adoptables changes owners!

  • The original design and the artwork of the character will remain my intellectual property, meaning I will still be credited as the original creator, and I maintain the right to display the character art on my website etc. 

  • You will have partial rights to the character — their personality, backstory and other attributes you add to them are your property. The character is yours.

  • All adoptables are non-refundable, and purchasing or adopting a design from me automatically means that you have read and agreed to these terms.

  • Finally, you don't have to mention me every time you talk about the character — just be open with where the original design came from.


Thank you for reading!