This 2-character commission type (human + animal) will be drawn over a BASE, which means that the poses and character sizes will be exactly like the references on this page. Tails and ears may be modified to match your pet, and if you pick the wolf base the pet gets cheek tufts.

Hair and outfit(s) will be drawn exclusively for your illustration, and based on the references you provide. You may include accessories, but please don't request anything very small or complicated, as the designs will be simplified to match the AC style. 


To keep with the AC aesthetic I suggest that you choose an eye shape from the game (listed and numbered below). If you like, you may also suggest an existing villager for me to base your pet's face on.


You and your animal friend will be standing on a little grass or snow covered platform of your choice, and I'll pick a cute gradient for the sky that suits the character designs!

NOTE: You may also submit an OC or a player character from the game instead of yourself, and/or a regular villager from the game instead of your pet (as long as the villager fits the base, ie: no birds, sheep, squids etc).

DISCLAIMER: I will not be providing WIPs or sketch updates for this commission type. I will be working on these in between my regular commissions, and as such, these commissions have a separate queue which you can find here!